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The public understands that the future of our seas is at risk and people are becoming more aware of how their tastes can affect this. They want to know how their seafood is caught and the impact it will have on the sustainability of the oceans. There is substantial demand for sustainable alternatives – now it is up to you to respond to this call.
The Seafood Choice Initiative – Business Engagement Programme is designed to provide assistance in advising on procurement policy and sourcing sustainable seafood

In addition, through the “Ocean-Friendly Menu” programme, WWF works with the hotel/restaurant to develop and roll out a menu featuring WWF’s sustainable seafood. On top of their current menus, the participating hotel/restaurant has to introduce an additional menu that contains only sustainable seafood.

Participating in the sustainable seafood movement allows your restaurant to catch the wave of sustainable seafood. It is an important step for the whole catering industry in responding to the public’s demand.

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Procedure for sourcing sustainable seafood and developing an “Ocean-Friendly Menu”

Step 1

The hotel/restaurant and WWF will discuss the approach and scope of sustainable seafood sourcing. This helps WWF in providing a tailor-made advice, while relevant staff of both parties will understand the work direction and time frame.

Step 2

The hotel/restaurant has to prepare and submit the information of an agreed number of seafood items to WWF, which includes:
The name and species of the seafood
The country of origin (where is the seafood from?)
The harvesting method (wild-caught or farmed?)
The supplier’s name and contact details

Step 3

WWF will assess the seafood sustainability categories and recommend alternatives for seafood listed under “Red – Avoid”. You can choose the alternatives recommended by us or simply pick another sustainable seafood dish. In case you have difficulty in finding suppliers for seafood items listed under “Green – Recommended” and “Yellow – Think Twice”, WWF will provide seafood suppliers from our assessed database.

Step 4
The restaurant can further work with WWF to roll-out Ocean-Friendly Menu(s) which contains only seafood items listed under “Green – Recommended” and “Yellow – Think Twice”.

For interested parties, please contact us via email.

Thank you for joining us in saving the future of our oceans.
Who is already sourcing sustainable seafood and providing an “Ocean-Friendly Menu”?

The following hotels/restaurants are now sourcing sustainable seafood and offering an “Ocean-Friendly Menu” according to the WWF Seafood Guide:
Aberdeen Boat Club
Eaton Smart, Hong Kong
InterContinental Hong Kong
Jumbo Kingdom
Lil’ Siam
Super Star Seafood Restaurant – 14 restaurants
The Banqueting House – 2 restaurants
The China House – 2 restaurants
The Helena May
The Hong Kong Jockey Club – 3 clubhouses
The Penthouse (Hang Seng Bank Headquarters)
Pacific Club – 5 outlets

Restaurants that also have the experience of sourcing and promoting sustainable seafood with WWF:
Choi Fook Royal Banquet
Coast Bistro and Bar
Conrad Hong Kong
Federal Palace
Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong
Grand Central Bar & Grill
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Ladies’ Recreation Club
La Perouse Restaurant Bar & Lounge
Linguini Fini
Marriott Hotels – 4 hotels
Maxim’s Chinese Restaurant
Maxim’s Palace
McSorley’s Ale House
Posto Pubblico
Shangri-la Hotels – 2 hotels
Shore Steak
Taku Japanese Cuisine
The Aberdeen Marina Club
The Mira Hong Kong
The Peninsula Hong Kong

(Numbers of outlets shown as reported by the catering group)

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