Giant grouper bites morning swimmer at Pok Fu Lam

Coconuts Hong Kong provides this translation of an Apple Daily item with amusing video (in Cantonese) today:

“A regular morning swimmer at the beach across from Pok Fu Lam’s Wah Kwai Estate was chased after and bitten by a giant grouper.

The morning swimmer, a 70-year-old retired chef surnamed Cheng, said he felt a sharp pain on his thigh, when he noticed a grouper about two-feet long swimming around him.

When he got out of the water he found a six-inch-wide wound cut on his leg, worried about a bacterial infection he went to the hospital for treatment.

An expert told the Apple Daily that the groupers might have escaped from a fishery or may have been set free by environmental activists. The expert says that when groupers get hungry they would really bite humans and these groupers can get as big as nine-feet-long.”

Source: Coconuts Hong Kong, 30/4/2014


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I am a ex-marine biologist but I am still passionate about marine biology and oceanography. I studied Marine Science and completed a PhD in deep-sea ecology and biodiversity. I fell in love with HK's rich marine environment when I was a child. This blog is my collection of interesting facts, news and articles that celebrate and educate on HK's diverse marine environment.

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