Dolphin found on Sai Kung beach dies

A striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) found stranded on a beach in Sai Kung on Saturday died yesterday despite efforts by Ocean Park staff.

“Necropsy of the dolphin indicated acute hemorrhagic pneumonia and associated sepsis involving all lymph nodes, liver and spleen,” Ocean Park said.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation director Suzanne Gendron said: “Given the dolphin was extremely weak and had multiple external wounds, it was already a miracle that we were able to bring it back to Ocean Park for treatment after it was found beached in Sai Kung.”

Apple Daily has a video report on this story in Cantonese, click here.

Three hikers saw the dolphin stranded on the beach around 5pm on Saturday.

With many visible external wounds, the dolphin could not swim or surface to breathe on its own.

The Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong Cetacean Stranding Response Team and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department officials arrived at 9pm. They decided to move the dolphin to Ocean Park for medical treatment.

After examination, treatment and overnight observation, the dolphin died at 11.46am yesterday.

Ocean Park said the young male dolphin, measuring 2.05 meters and weighing 68 kilograms, was more than 20 percent below the expected normal weight for such length.

A healthy male adult striped dolphin would reach up to 160kg and 2.7m in length.

This was the first live striped dolphin found in Hong Kong waters. There have been five dead striped dolphins found prior to 1996.

Source: The Standard, May 19th 2014


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