Giant Floating City Could Be Built Off The Coast of Hong Kong

The SCMP reported today that the HK government will likely launch a HK$227 million study on building artificial islands in central Hong Kong waters – including the East Lantau Metropolis proposed by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying in January – is slated to start in three months. But another concept, that does not involve obliterating the seabed is also drifting around.

This concept for an incredible ‘Floating City’, which would span four square miles, comes from British and Asian-based design firm AT Design Office and was commissioned by Chinese construction firm CCCC.

The city would feature:
– vertical gardens
– a hotel
– entertainment complex
– a huge floating arena for gigs and sports matches
– electric cars
– connecting canals with eco-friendly boats and submarines
– trees and gardens
– a cruise dock for tourists and commuters to and from the island

Concept images:




The building is would be made from hexagonal and triangular modules which connect together above and below the water using a series of walkways and tunnels.

If the project were to become a reality, CCCC will use some of the same technologies they are currently using to build a 31-mile bridge between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

Siska Slavomir, architect at AT Design Office, said: ‘Part of that bridge is an underwater tunnel which is joined by a 150-metre-long precast concrete box.

‘The mega box is cast on a nearby island and floated to site before being connected.

The proposal is now being reviewed by one of China’s largest property investors, China Transport Investment Co, for a smaller scale project that could be built off Hong Kong.

(“Floating City” Source: Daily Mail 28/5/2014)

I have heard and read about futuristic floating or underwater cities since I was a kid. So far I have yet to see a single project become reality. It’s simply too expensive compared with land reclamation, unfortunately for me and for HK’s marine life…


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I am a ex-marine biologist but I am still passionate about marine biology and oceanography. I studied Marine Science and completed a PhD in deep-sea ecology and biodiversity. I fell in love with HK's rich marine environment when I was a child. This blog is my collection of interesting facts, news and articles that celebrate and educate on HK's diverse marine environment.

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