Hong Kong Marine Animals

Hong Kong waters are sub-topical and host an large number of diverse marine animals, some of which are more tropical some of which are more temperate waters species. Hong Kong is also influenced by the oceanic waters and salty, relatively nutrient-poor waters of the South China Sea on the eastern and southern side, and influenced strongly by the sediment-laden, nutrient-rich (too rich!) freshwater inflow from the Pearl River Delta (PRD).

This page is an introduction to some of the most interesting groups of marine animal. Below is my list of the various sub-pages for the different animal groups:

Hong Kong Sea Turtles 

Hong Kong Sharks 

Hong Kong Rays

Marine Food Fish of Hong Kong

Marine Species Named After Hong Kong


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Marine Animals”

  1. Hi there, really glad I came across your blog! Saw your bio and know that you used to work at the Natural History Museum of London, would like to ask you more about your experience there and museum curation if possible? May I have your contact to get in touch? Thanks very much!

    1. Dear Vivian. I am afraid I don’t email as there are too many spammers and trolls angling for email addresses. I was not involved in the curation at NHM. I was working with a environmental consulting team of NHM. The NHM like a lot of museum does work for private clients (e.g. insects that contaminate food – so they can find the origin of the contamination). My work was with a team doing an environmental impact assessment of oil spills on sandy seabeds. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them in this comment thread.

  2. Hi there
    I sit on the Family committee of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club.
    I am looking for a marine biologist to run a programme for children (8+) at the club.
    We are looking to start a programme that members would pay to do, and learn about the life in our HK waters.
    Early thoughts are to have talks on the animals that live in our waters, have a beach combing session and also to extend the programme to include the damage we are doing to our seas with plastic, endangered species in our waters, beach clean ups and what else we can do to help our seas.
    But of course I am sure you have loads of ideas too…
    I would love to have lots of different talks on specific animals, as you mention on your blog – sharks, rays, turtles.
    Would love to investigate the possibility of “field trips” to Turtle bay (even if just offshore) and other locations that would be of interest.
    Would you be interested in running/ helping me getting this programme together?
    Got loads of ideas but need some expert help!!
    Please let me know if you would be interested.
    Happy to meet up and discuss further if you like.

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