Marine Species Named After Hong Kong

Marine species named after Hong Kong? Yes! Ranging from marine bacteria to oysters to worms and crabs. The scientific convention stipulates organisms have a ‘binomial’ name – that is a genus name (on or more species to a genus) and a specific name to identify them, e.g. Homo sapiens meaning ‘man thinking’ or ‘thinking man’. As a specific name (e.g. sapiens) Hong Kong is latinized to ‘hongkongensis‘ in this naming convention and there are at least 26 marine species named ‘honkongensis‘ including 2 bacteria, 2 red algaes, 4 shrimps, 2 crabs and 1 other small crustacean, 2 fish, 1 octopus, 4 worms, 2 single-celled animals called forams, 1 coral, 1 mite, 1 beetle (yes, a marine beetle), 1 oyster, 1 clam, 1 snail and 1 slug.
And here they are. Unfortunately I can’t find pictures for them because they are mostly pretty obscure…

Species Name What is it? Scientific Grouping
Ampelisca hongkongensis Shrimp Amphipoda
Hirayamaia hongkongensis Shrimp Amphipoda
Loktanella hongkongensis Bacteria Bacteria
Owenweeksia hongkongensis Bacteria Bacteria
Laevicirce hongkongensis Clam Bivalve
Crassostrea hongkongensis Oyster Bivalve
Litarachna hongkongensis Mite Arachnida
Octopus hongkongensis Octopus Cephalopoda
Asterocheres hongkongensis Small crustaceans Copepoda
Athanas hongkongensis Shrimp Decapoda
Charybdis (Goniohellenus) hongkongensis Crab Decapoda
Neotroglocarcinus hongkongensis Crab Decapoda
Periclimenes hongkongensis Shrimp Decapoda
Massilina hongkongensis Unicellular animals with shell (my PhD topic!) – know as forams Foraminifera
Parafissurina hongkongensis Unicellular animals with shell (my PhD topic!) – know as forams Foraminifera
Taranidaphne hongkongensis Snail Gastropoda
Bryothinusa hongkongensis Beetle – yes, a marine beetle Insecta (Coleoptera)
Noumea hongkongiensis Sea slug (snail without shell), known to divers as “nudies” Nudibranchia
Paraminabea hongkongensis Coral Octocorallia
Grania hongkongensis Worm Oligochaete
Bathygobius hongkongensis Fish Pisces
Bostrychia hongkongensis Red algae Plantae
Laurencia hongkongensis Red algae Plantae
Dentatisyllis hongkongensis Worm Polychaete
Neogyptis hongkongensis Worm Polychaete
Syllidia hongkongensis Worm Polychaete
Hoilungia hongkongensis Blob Placozoan

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